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Learning How To Ride the Waves of Life and Live Video Creation With Confidence


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Have you ever felt that you don't want to show up on live video and you just want to hide in your shell? 

That's totally normal, we all feel like this sometimes .... or even all the time!

In episode 16 of the Thrive With Live Show I talked to Louisa Herridge of "Mamas Ignited",  a successful mindset and empowerment coach who now uses live video with great success but it wasn't always that way. 

Louisa went though a long, painful journey through physical agony, mental trauma and a full-on job as an English teacher to where she is today and she attributes live video to much of her success! 

There is so much that we can learn from, and be inspired by, through her journey and insights here.


When Louisa started an online business she was a Body Shop rep: showcasing skincare, makeup and bodycare products on live video.  She started a Facebook group for people who were interested and started to go live every day, sharing the products and doing facials and, as she did so, her following and sales grew. 

She received great feedback and realised that people could see her and connect with her easily on live video, thus quickly building her success through the know, like and trust factor. 

She loved it but it was time to move on up and create her own coaching business.


Louisa hit a new dilemna though:  she didn't have any products to hide behind or focus on in her live videos!  She felt really vulnerable and wondered what to talk about. 

So, instead Louisa decided to have heart to heart, honest conversations with her audience and, as she did, her engagement and new audience grew and connected with her.

This was great, but she wanted to be more recognisable on her live videos, so she designed a teeshirt, a large sticker for the back wall behind her and matching office accessories all in her striking brand colours. 

She says:

"even if people catch a glimpse whilst scrolling through on silent, they know its me".

She also found that people can see her eye to eye, and be as near to her as in real life and this creates a great connection with people.


Going live is not always easy, even when you're very experienced though.  Louisa told me that she still has times when she goes into her shell and doesn't want to go live but has to push through it. 

She has, at times, gone live in other places, without her gorgeous set up and look, and has been open about the struggles she is going through. It is at these times that she has seen more engagement and one-to-one conversations than any of her training videos! 

She said:

"I did a real vulnerability post last week .. and I went live in the car park. I just dropped my daughter off at class and I sat in the car with my hair scraped back and no makeup on. It was the most interaction I've had in my group for ages. I had people messaging me because the power of that video, because in that moment I used it to connect with my audience, to show them the reality of what it's like to bring out a book".

So,  Louisa's experience really shows us the power of live video.  We can all do it! After all, it has been said that confidence is a muscle that you can build by stretching it and using it.  

Let's think about the things that you can takeaway and inplement in your live video strategy.


  1. Don't be afraid to be honest on camera, it will build a deep connection

  2. Be consistent, Louisa started off going live every day and built her audience, I recommend going live at least once a week

  3. Use visual branding on your live videos to stop the scroll and be instantly recogniseable


Do "behind the scenes" live videos and go live when you are out and about when appropriate


To connect with Louisa check out her Facebook group called "Mamas Ignited: for Women Who Want To Be More, Do More and Have More" Her new book is out now on Amazon: "Mamas Ignited: Stop Ironing. Start Living"


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