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Is This The Best Way To Make A Podcast Ever?

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Today we're talking about (what I humbly think could be) possibly the best software in the world for podcasters! It just has blown my mind with the new features that have been added recently. 


Do you dream about having a podcast or are you on the cusp of starting one?Perhaps you go live regularly and want to repurpose it into a podcast, or are you a podcaster already but just struggling to keep up with all the editing and uploading?  


Read on, as this little-known software may just be the solution you need!


I often hear common problems like: 

what softwares do I need? 

How do I start? 

Do I need loads of different programs? 

Are these softwares expensive? 

Do I need a really fast computer to cope with all the audio editing? 

Do I need to be able to have loads of disk space to be able to download stuff? 

How long is it going to take me to get used to learning these softwares to be able to create a great show? 

How do you make your podcast show sound fantastic? 

How can I repurpose my show easily without taking it taking me ages? 

How long is it going to take me to make my show? 

Etc etc ..


Keep reading as I'm going to answer many of these questions below. 


Today, I’m going to be focusing on a particular podcasting software and how it can help you, including it’s pro’s and cons. 


So, let's get into it. 


The program that I am discussing with you today is called Alitu. 


It is an all-in-one platform for podcasters: you can record in it, you can remote record with a guest, (Hooray! You don't need to use Zoom!), you can edit your audio with it, and it can even automatically transcribe your words AND make a video of your episode.  


Alitu automatically levels out your audio and removes any background noise without you having to do anything. 


In fact, it tells you to go and have a cup of tea!  


One of my favourite things about Alitu, is that it makes it very visual for you and, in my opinion, fun and easy.  You can see all your audio clips at once in an “episode builder” page and you can easily move the clips around, add your intros, outros, ads and stings and edit them. You can fade one clip out and bring another one in and make your show into a really professional show.


Another thing that's amazing about Alitu is that it has a free music library that you can use for your intro/outro/teasers and stings. You can also have music going on throughout your show if you want. 


But, what's also really great, is that the Alitu music library has different lengths of clip for each style or theme of music which, in my opinion, is difficult to find on the internet. 


Short clips (or stings) can help to break up your show and make it a lot higher level of professionalism and fun for your audience. 


So, as you can see, you don't need loads of softwares or have to search the internet for music clips that fit together cohesively: you can just have this one software and it will save you tons of money and time. 


You also don't have to have a particular type of computer. 


You can have a Mac computer or android computer or other device, because Alitu is browser-based and it stores all your audio files inside its website. 


If your computer is really slow, you don't want to download all your stuff and then upload it somewhere else (to what we call a hosting platform). Alitu creates a music library of your all stuff that is there in front of you as you edit, you don't have to search for or download anything. 


And if you decide that don't want Alitu to host your podcast, and you prefer to use Anchor or Podbean, Lybsyn, Captivate FM or another hosting platform: it links with a lot of hosting platforms. So, all you have to do is press “publish” in Alitu and it sends it directly to your preferred hosting platform without your having to download or upload anything. 


So, don't worry if you've got a computer that's really ancient. It’s fine, it will work!  


Alitu can now also transcribe your words into a show notes that you can put on your website. You can make a blog post out of the show notes if you want, or if you don't have time or energy, just pop the show notes onto a page on your website and then that will help with your SEO, and to be found in Google searches. 


You can also embed a radio player onto your show notes or blog so people can listen to your show there.


So, as you can tell, I adore Alitu for lots of reasons, another of them is that it is so colourful, and colour coded, to make it visually appealing and easy to understand. and taken hours and hours doing it all in some program. 


Are there any cons with Alitu though?  

Well, if you’re somebody who loves poring over every little bit of audio, spending lots of time tweaking it, in order to level the audio and cut out background noise, then you won’t like Alitu, as it does it all for you…..

AND, it actually tells you to go and get a cup of tea whilst it works away! 


I mean, what is there not to love? 


Another con for you may be if you like to interview guests, or record with a co-host in person, using two or more microphones.  As, at the time of writing, Alitu editing software does not support that. 


However, they are about to bring out more updates very soon, so it is possible that this feature and many more may be added by the time you are reading this.


To see the special offer that Alitu has for my listeners please go to:


And, as I say on my show: go and “count your blessings!”

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